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Video Games as Medical Education Tool

Video games are moving up in the world. Once the domain of basement playrooms, over time they have moved to dorm rooms and living rooms. Now, some educators say they are ready for the classroom. Medical schools around the country are creating video games with the expressed goal of improving medical education. The idea of […]

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Brain Power: From Neuron to Networks

Be mindful of what we let into our brains. Always. This video below was featured in Ted. We figure this video is worth sharing on your social media, be it Facebook or twitter. And the locus should be unto parents with newborns and toddlers.

18 Graduate Programs Embracing Games

First of all- we really like to thank: Online Universities and its staff to come knocking on our doors, and encourage us to post great articles. And along with that, we like to share with our audiences, that there exist credible universities that provide online graduate programs. Thanks to an ever richer assortment of educational […]

Definition of Cognitive Remediation/ Cognitive Rehabilitation

The primary aim of cognitive remediation is to reduce cognitive deficits.When considering the remediation tools that are currently in practice one could compare it to brain training. However in contrast to cognitive remediation, brain training is aimed at healthy participants wishing to prevent aging-related cognitive deficits before they occur. The Brain Foundation Singapore has brain […]

Sweating makes you smart

What’s good for the body is good for the brain. We all know that regular exercise is a major player in our ability to achieve a healthy weight, a longer life expectancy and a reduced risk of chronic diseases — from cancers to heart disease to diabetes. And, as you’ve likely discovered, it makes you […]

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