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A stimulating, challenging resource, full of solid information and
practical tips for improving brain health

The Things We Do

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At The Brain Foundation Singapore, we believe in improving brains- and lives. That is why we created this website to allow anyone to achieve their brain’s full potential.

The Brain Foundation Singapore is an independent firm and think tank, helping organizations and individuals navigate the emerging brain fitness and mental health field. We can provide guidance, e-consultancy services, training and a range of Assistive Technology solutions to meet variety of needs.

The Brain Foundation Singapore have shown to be beneficial. No matter if you are 8 or 108, and regardless of your background, you can feel smarter, sharper and brighter.


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The Best Of The World At Your Fingertips

As futurist, we aim to promote innovation and encourage growth via:

  • working together with stakeholders, to develop a long term, sustainable and ethical business,
  • to provide and promote assistive technology solutions that are, financially prudent, highly valued by our customers, and most importantly that it becomes an essential tool in their daily lives.


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Penchant For Quality

Our long standing goal is to be a world leading source of good, unbiased information about mental health, and technology. We scour the web for reviews from experience product users. Weight every aspect from performance outcome to economic prudence. Our utmost agenda is streamlined towards keeping current and future prospects happy by pointing out the best product for them and reaping the benefits.

“Your brain is your most precious asset, and it is ever wise to invest in it, the brain…is highly dynamic and constantly reorganizing, and it can be shaped and reshaped across a person’s entire lifespan”

We highly encourage, and can now offer to, decision makers, thought leading allied educators, clinical professionals/ therapists to help move the industry forward.

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